gene1bwGENE: Artist/Creator - Southern California based artist GENEʼs unique works are inspired by the simple and natural movement of the human form. Creating with energetic rhythm, and using mediums such as unused latex house paint, GENE's powerful images describe not only the motion of the body, but also the movement of the intangible: energy and stillness, soul and spirit. Working intuitively, spontaneously, and at times in front of a live audience, GENE allows the painting to form itself as he seeks to portray the "human spirit at play.” He holds a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts and a Masters Degree in Media Design. He currently teaches art and design at the University of Redlands.  He is a 2012 RSA Fellow and a creative activist with the Creative Visions Foundation. He has shown in art galleries from California to New York, in both solo and select group shows. He resides in Orange County, California, with his family, where he was born and raised. His art is available online at

ron1bwRon Judkins: Director - Ron Judkins is the writer/director of “The Hi-Line,” starring Rachael Leigh Cook and Margot Kidder, which premiered in the Dramatic Competition at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival. The motion picture was subsequently selected to screen at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic, the Festival do Rio, in Rio de Janiero, the Norwegian International Film Festival, the Noosa Film Festival in Australia, and other festivals worldwide. It has won several "Best Feature" awards and was purchased by Showtime Television. Judkins has served as a producer for the motion pictures "True Love," (2007) directed by Henry Barrial, "Crashing" (2007) starring Campbell Scott, and "Callers" (2009). He is the winner of two Academy Awards—one in 1994 for Best Sound for “Jurassic Park,” and another in 1999 for Best Sound for “Saving Private Ryan.” He was also twice nominated for Best Sound for his work on “Schindlerʼs List,” and "War Of The Worlds."
anna1bwAnna Herbert: Executive Producer - Ms. Anna Herbert is the Executive Producer of the ʼ24 Peacesʼ project film and art exhibition. She graduated from Missouri State University with a BS in Computer Information Systems and worked in the software industry for 15 years. She is currently working as manager for a life coaching company, focusing on personal development and community service, including organizations such as Orangewood Children's Foundation and Inspire Life Skills. "

jennifer1bwJennifer Young: Producer - Jennifer is also the producer of Neighbors, a comedic drama currently in post-production in Los Angeles. She has also worked as a co-producer on a number of commercials and industrial film. She has had a good deal of experience working in the physical production end of motion pictures and television as a costumer and a costume supervisor. She has worked with such directors as Wim Wenders, Gary Fleder, Ken Kwapis, Paul Thomas Anderson, Larry Charles, and Brad Silberling. She has been a personal costumer for actors Diane Keaton and Dustin Hoffman and has also worked with actors Adam Sandler, Gene Hackman, singer/songwriter Bob Dylan and many others. She loves to engage with people and to hear about what matters to them and what they are up to in the world. " 


michelle1bwMichelle Andrada: Producer - Michelle's background is in education, coaching and training. She is a Certified Effectiveness Coach trained in the field of Ontological Coaching and has coached hundreds of people in empowering their leadership skills as well as producing tangible, noticeable and exponential results in various life domains - often in the domains of personal empowerment, finances, revenue, relationships and health.  She has always had a passion to support and inspire people's leadership and empowerment.  What drives her is her purpose to serve others as well as her heart and strong passion for humanitarian and philanthropic efforts that involve children, teens, healing, empowerment and the awakening of the human consciousness. She is proud to be part of 24Peaces as it asks the question subconsiously burning within all of us: What is my peace and how am I bringing that forth into the world?


taiTai Freligh: Tai Freligh has more than fifteen years experience with media and new media, having spent time working in television and radio, most recently with NPR in New Hampshire. He understands the workings of the media, having been on both sides of the story, whether being pitched to or acting as the one pitching the story.  He is also a tech geek and early adopter of new media, including social media, having brought New Hampshire tourism into the social media world.




Jen Freligh: Jen is the innovator and brand evangelist. She has a powerful understanding of the fast paced and ever changing media technology market. Jen has always had a passion for communication. She has spent years mastering her ability to interview and get to the heart of what’s on someone’s mind. Her focus is always on communication with the person, honing in on what the needs are and problem solving to get the desired end result. It’s Jen’s skills with communication that she loves to put to use with Cheeky Monkey SM.
Jen’s passion for the written word was established when she minored in English in college. Though her career path has taken her into a variety of settings, her heart and hobby has remained with the written word.  Jen has taken her love for writing and her passion for communication and funneled it into her job as communications coordinator. Whether it’s tweeting for non-profits, networking through social media with industry affiliates or connecting with bloggers, she has both a talent and a love for reaching out to others.